Overview of Training Resources

Business Development Institute

Typically, industry business schools focus on the technical aspect of a sale to a business owner. Is that the obstacle to a financial professional’s success in penetrating the business market? Here is our theory: If you can successfully get the business owner engaged in a process to plan ahead, you have a high likelihood of affecting change for the better. The Business Development Institute focuses on how this is done with resources suitable for various types of life insurance professionals and organizations: BGAs, Agencies, Producers, etc.

Prospecting for Business Owners

Remove primary obstacles to greater success by learning how to identify and qualify an unlimited number of prospects. No cold calling required. Define the ideal prospect and gain institutional wisdom.

1.1 The AIG Business Development Institute
1.2 Small Business Market Needs You
1.3 Small Business Market Target Marketing
1.4 Target Marketing Data
1.5 Market Access Using 7 Touches
1.6 Accessing the Market Through Networking
1.7 Business Owner Must Have Conversations-Priority Profile
1.8 Direct, Quick Engagement 

Meeting Management

Learn how to run your meeting like a professional. Overcome client obstacles and reluctance while prioritizing their goals. Discuss what the client wants. Discover that they have done about it. Reveal what still needs to be done; leading your client to react.

2.1 Run Your Meeting Like a Pro
2.2 Documenting the Data - The Discover State
2.3 Manage the 4 Predicaments
2.4 Buying Atmosphere Approach - Part I
2.5 Buying Atmosphere Approach - Part II
2.6 Values Based Discovery- Part I
2.7 Values Based Discovery- Part II

Conversational Competence

Establish your credibility and competence by understanding small business planning. Learn about the different types of company entities, forms of succession plans, and valuing a key person and executive benefits. Enable yourself to as the right questions to engage your client.

3.1 Understanding Business Entities
3.2 Succession Planning
3.3 Key Person
3.4 Executive Benefits
3.5 Taxation of Life Insurance

Closing and Servicing 

Assist in reprioritizing the client’s economy to they can change what they are doing for a better result. Systematically revel the necessary action for their plans to unfold as pictured. Now, encourage them to continue the process with their next priority and to warm up your list.
4.1 Analysis & Reveal The Plan
4.2 Closing the Client to Take Action
4.3 Living and Maintaining the Plan
4.4 Moving on to the Next Priority Area of Planning
4.5 Referrals and Introductions